Download the 2021 Managed Services Report: No Rest for the Wary

New Research Finds Low Confidence in Managed Services Security Solutions

Organizations are increasingly relying on external support from managed services. In order to gain a better understanding of the state of affairs in managed services security, we commissioned Cybersecurity Insiders to run an extensive industry survey to answer essential questions:

  • Are organizations adopting a threat-informed defense?
  • How are organizations doing? Are they doing the right things?
  • What are teams doing to improve who watches the environment?
  • What are the confidence levels of in-house teams?
  • What is the level of confidence in managed services?

The results from the 2021 Managed Services Report: No Rest for the Wary highlight the substantial low level of confidence organizations have in their managed services support than their in-house technology, people, and processes. Get the report to learn the state of managed services in 2021.

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