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Join 5G leaders and visionaries at one of the most forward-thinking events in advanced telecom technology. 

Join us for a two-day, virtual event featuring leading-edge keynotes from our core members and interactive panel discussions that bring together the ecosystem of innovators and influencers evolving telecommunications, impacting operational technology today, and accelerating IoT solutions to market.

Offered at no charge as part of MITRE Engenuity's effort to serve the public interest, this event includes sessions about:  

  • Industry advancements in aviation using drones to improve public safety, critical infrastructure inspection, and advanced air mobility solutions.
  • How 5G networks enable use case innovation for smart city applications, precision agriculture, and smart health technologies.
  • The Impact and evolution of performance parameters, standards, and regulations in advanced telecommunications.
  • The future of wireless communications as envisioned by industry leaders like Cisco, Ericsson, NTT, Nokia, Qualcomm, T-Mobile, UScellular, and Verizon.

Speakers include:


Laurie Giandomenico
Chief Acceleration Officer, MITRE and Managing Director, MITRE Engenuity
Welcome Speaker

Thierry Klein

Thierry Klein
President, Bell Labs Solutions Research
Nokia Bell Labs
Keynote Speaker


Paul Challoner
VP, Network Product Solutions
Keynote Speaker


Dev Singh
Senior Director, Business Development and GM of Robotics, Drones, and Intelligent Machines
Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
Keynote Speaker


Gerry Libunao
Distinguished Engineer, Network Planning
Keynote Speaker

Your Hosts:


Ajit Kahaduwe
Managing Director of Incubation & New Product Development, MITRE Accelerator and Chairman, MITRE Engenuity Open Generation


Leila Ribeiro
Chief Engineer, Advanced Telecom, MITRE Accelerator and Technology Director, MITRE Engenuity Open Generation


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See the full schedule below: 


Sept. 13, 9:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. EDT

2022 Open Generation 5G Summit Welcome 

Welcome Speaker
Laurie Giandomenico, Chief Acceleration Officer, MITRE and Managing Director, MITRE Engenuity

UAS and BVLOS Solutions Proven with 5G

Keynote Speaker
Thierry Klein, President, Bell Labs Solutions Research, Nokia Bell Labs
Topic Introduction
Rick Niles, Chief Engineer, MITRE

Panel Discussions:

UAS & Public Safety

Charles Werner, Director, DRONERESPONDERS

Mike Ross, Sr. Director of Product Management, Skydio
Moshe Cohen, CEO, Ciconia
Carl Blando, UAS Manager, Homeland Security Unit, Boston PD

UAS Infrastructure Inspection 

Bronwyn Morgan, CEO, XeoAir

Scott Uebelhart, Chief Scientist, Massachusetts DOT Aeronautics
Alex Cadigan, Environmental Engineer II, Spire Natural Gas
Riley Beaman, Division of Aviation UAS Program Manager, NC DOT

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Andy Lacher, Chief Technologist for Future Airspace Operations, NASA

Rod Randall, Chairman of the Board, MagLev Aero
Jeff Breunig, Principal, Navigation & UAS, MITRE
Chris Nassif, Program Manager, FAA
Bobby Sakaki, Head of Product, Ascent Aerosystems

Sept. 13, 1:20 - 4:30 p.m. EDT​ 

Connected World Solutions with 5G

Keynote Speaker
Paul Challoner, VP of Network Product Solutions, Ericsson

Topic Introduction
Izabela L. Gheorghisor, Principal Communications Engineer, MITRE

Panel Discussions: 

Smart Agriculture

Ismail Guvenc, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University​

Abhilash Chandel, Assistant Professor, Precision Agriculture Technologies and Data Management, Virginia Tech Tidewater AREC
Dez O’Connor, Sr. Sales Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems
Mike Prorock, Founder and CTO, mesur.io
Tony Sammarco, Director, Product Technology Strategy, Device Solutions Inc.

Smart Cities 

Kwasi Fraser, Mayor, Purcellville, VA

Renu Chaudhry, CSO, OST, Inc.
Frank Matus, Director, ATC Digital Aviation Solutions, Americas, Thales
Tom Sawanobori, SVP and CTO, CTIA
Michael Cannon, Chief Technology Officer, Stafford County, VA

Smart Health 

Katherine Kim, Principal, Consumer Health Informatics, MITRE

SM Hasan, 5G Mission Leader/ Principal Engineer, General Electric
Dr. Juan Lopez Solorza, MD, Associate Medical Director, Director of Clinical Education, Livingston Community Health
Peter Linder, Head of 5G Marketing & Thought Leadership, Ericsson North America

Day 1 Closing Remarks



Sept. 14, 9:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. EDT​ 

2022 Open Generation 5G Summit Day 2 Welcome

Evolving Performance, Standards, and Regulations in Telecom

Keynote Speaker
Gerry Libunao, Distinguished Engineer, Network Planning, Verizon​​
Topic Introduction
Adrian Buckley, 5G Standards Principal, MITRE

Panel Discussions:

Making Detect and Avoid a Reality for UAS

Stefano Faccin, Director, Technical Standards, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Lee Nguyen, Independent Contractor, NUAIR
Rick Niles, Chief Engineer, MITRE
Cheryl Contreras, Director of Flight Operations, Iris Automation

Informing Legal & Regulatory Processes

Ken Stewart, President and CEO, NUAIR

Tyler Hazan, Managing Partner, Angulo McGhee, A Professional Law Corporation
Zaida McGhee, Founding Partner, Angulo McGhee, A Professional Law Corporation

5G Standards

Barbara Pareglio, Executive Director, Advanced Air Mobility, GSMA​

Sebastian Thalanany, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, U.S. Cellular
Wanshi Chen, Sr. Director, Technology, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

Adrian Buckley, Principal 5G Standards, MITRE

Sept. 14, 1:20 - 4:30 p.m. EDT

Advanced Technology and the Changing Dynamics of Telecom 

Keynote Speaker
Dev Singh, GM of Robotics, Drones, and Intelligent Machines, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. 
Topic Introduction
Dipesh Modi, Principal Communications Network Engineering, MITRE

Panel Discussions:

AI/ML and Edge Computing

Rika Nakazawa, Group Vice President, NTT Global

Tommaso Melodia, Director of the Institute of Wireless Internet of Things, Northeastern University
Ravi Guntupalli, Director of Technology, Cisco Systems
Jeff Nezon, Senior Sales Executive, Summit Tech
Daniel Jakubisin, Research Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

5G Use Cases Over MM Wave

Gerry Libunao, Distinguished Engineer, Network Planning, Verizon

Jisung Oh, CEO and President, Phytunes
Amitabha Ghosh, Nokia Fellow and Head, Radio Interface Group, Nokia Standards
Javed Khan, Sr. Director, 5G RAN Product Management, Rakuten Symphony

6G and Beyond

Andy Thiessen, Head of 5G/xG, MITRE

Walid Saad, Professor, Virginia Tech
G. Jason Schnellbacher, Director, T-Mobile
Prasanth Ananth, Research Leader for Autonomous Drones, Nokia
Venki Ramaswamy, Chief Technologist, NextG

2022 Open Generation 5G Summit Closing Remarks

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