Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage Update

The Semiconductor Chip Shortage:

A Perspective on the Global Chip Shortage Impact And How To Solve It

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The Semiconductor Shortage is a Byproduct of Increased Offshoring and Complex Supply Chains and Has Significant Economic and Security Implications

The 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) call to create a National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC) offers a unique opportunity to translate American innovation into domestically manufacturable, market-ready technology.

To deliver on this promise and catalyze American semiconductor leadership, the NSTC must be designed and established strategically and must ensure demonstrable benefit to U.S. economic development and national security.

In this detailed white paper, MITRE Engenuity and The Semiconductor Alliance provide a unique perspective and approach, including:

  • A value proposition for the NSTC.
  • Principles for creating and governing the NSTC.
  • A map for measuring success.
  • A plan for sustained impact.

Download the white paper to see our blueprint for a collaborative, whole-of-nation solution, ensuring American leadership in semiconductor technology:

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